Raúl Alegría

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Magic is a major component in my life. I grew up fascinated by the little games that realized my father and what I later found out through television. Until I felt it was time to make my own magic.

After several years of development and study as a member of Circle of Magicians of Cantabria, I realized that this was change in my lifestyle and I pointed the way to professional magic.

Currently developing the wide range of professionally allowing magic shows. From my particular prism, offer an exclusive magic show overall, nationally and internationally awarded, or a show spoken blend of magic and humor, with which I have acted for multiple audiences in recent years. All they knew appreciate a job well done and magic as the smartest way to enjoy.

Thanks to the magic I have presented events, promoted products, acted on television, advised magically plays and entertained countless conventions. Always looking for originality, the personal touch, surprise illuminating gaze.

Because magic has many faces and, like diamond, its brightness does not turn off ever.


Magic Stars du Futur National Award General Magic Award Valongo Magic Festival Award Pamplona International Award As Is Prize tv Wizard of Honor Award Award
J. Luis Torcida
Originality Award obtained in the international competition "MAGIC STARS DU FUTUR" organized in Meribel, French-Swiss town in the Alps. The National Magic Congress Zaragoza 2004, the magic show was generally recognized as the best among all participants. Award "Incentive Revelaciao" obtained at the International Congress "Magic Valongo" 2002, organized by the Society of Magicians Valongo, Portugal. In theater Baluarte won second prize in the different modalities competing in a round-robin. Note that as a juror was Javier Anton, the only major prize in the magic world extraordinary Spanish. Prize in the competition for the TV program "as is", with the participation of many artists, comedians, singers, stand-up... This award was given by the Magic Circle of Aquitaine, in the city of Bordeaux (France). Award for career as professional artist Raúl Alegría, delivered by José Luis Torcida in collaboration with the Government of Cantabria.